Tooth-Colored Fillings

The best treatment for a cracked or fractured tooth is with the use of tooth-colored fillings. These will help fill in the gap that has been created to return functionality and restore the tooth.

Here at St. Helena Dental Group, we believe in using only the safest material when treating our patients. That is why we have opted for using metal-free fillings. It has been proven that previous use of metal in dentistry can be harmful for patients in the long run. That is why; we also offer silver fillings removal if you or anyone in your family requires this service.

Composite resin is now used for these types of procedures; they are metal-free and bond better than metal fillings. They are also the same color as your other teeth so they blend nicely and don’t stand out, in fact you will barely be able to tell if you have them or not! When teeth suffer cracks or fractures, they become weak and can become very painful to eat, let alone the fact that having a crack may also serve for bacteria to grow and cause further damage to your teeth. Composite resin nicely bonds to the tooth completely sealing the cracks and fractures; they allow your teeth to be stronger after a fairly quick procedure.

During the procedure, the dentist will do a quick clean and preparation for the treatment. A gel that is used for anesthetic purposes is injected to the area to block any pain. The dentist then uses a special drill to create a wider hole, or shave off parts of it to create the space for the dental filling. A pasty substance or resin will be used to match the color of your natural teeth and be applied carefully to completely seal the tooth. To finalize the procedure, the dentist will use a special light that will cure the composite resin to harden it after it sets.

We recommend you take care of your fillings by practicing good dental hygiene. If you would like to have metal fillings removed, or would like to consider having composite resin fillings placed, please give us a call at (707) 240-8099 to schedule your appointment today!

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