Teeth Whitening

We know what a difference it makes in your confidence and your persona when your teeth are white and beautiful! You even want to smile more and show everyone how proud you are of your beautiful smile. However, when that is not the case, and your teeth have become stained and dull it is difficult to be the confident person that you are.

Luckily, it is now really easy and quick to do this! A quick visit to your dentist will allow you to leave the office with a much brighter and whiter smile; the difference will not only be noticeable to you but also to your friends and family. It can make a difference on how to carry yourself as you will feel more confident and you will want to smile more! It is not a one treatment procedure, and a few visits to the dentist are required to keep your teeth white.

Here at St. Helena Dental Group we want our patients to have a radiant white smile that is why we use only the best products for teeth whitening. There are many over the counter treatments that promise a whiter smile, such as strips, toothpastes and gel based treatments; however, your dentist will recommend only the best products that will allow for quicker and longer lasting results.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Our dentists here at St. Helena Dental Group are always looking out for our patient’s wellbeing. That is why they have chosen Zoom! to be the teeth whitening solution that is effective and safe to use to whiten your teeth. The procedure is so quick and effective you will be able to see a difference of up to eight shades whiter within the first hour!

Our dentists here can apply the teeth whitening solution here at the office, and use a special light to activate the bleaching agents for a quick and effective way to whiten your teeth, or we can fit you with customized trays that you can take home and apply yourself.

How Does It Work?

Zoom! is a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide, with the use of a special light the gel is broken down and when it is oxygenated it enters the enamel, and the dentin, which is what gives your teeth their natural color, and bleaching agents will whiten your teeth from within, without changing the composition or structure of your tooth. The light activates the gel and within the first hour, you will see a difference. It is an entirely safe procedure as it is being supervised by a professional and the light is operated by your dentist who will make sure the tissue around your mouth and eyes are fully protected from direct light from the lamp.

If you are interested in this treatment or simply want to know more about teeth whitening, give us a call at (707) 240-8099 to schedule your appointment today!Our dentist will make sure you leave the office with a glowing white smile!

Our Happy Customers

"I usually dislike going to the dentist, but here at St. Helena Dental Group, the whole office made me feel so at ease. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. My hygienist is thorough and gentle with my cleanings!"


"My whole family has been going to St. Helena Dental Group for years. We will be coming back as usual. The team is great and they are very welcoming!"


"The doctor is wonderful! I had my wisdom tooth pulled and it was a painLESS experience. He and his staff are so friendly and considerate. Highly recommend them!"

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