Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be a great cause of anxiety and fear for a lot of people. That is why here at St. Helena Dental Group we offer a few options for our patients to feel comfortable and at ease when undergoing their treatments.

Some people shiver with anxiety at the mere thought of having their teeth cleaned at the dentist, while others would rather go through the agony of having a toothache before they even think of calling the dentist. That is very normal, and a lot of people suffer from this phobia – we care about our patient’s comfort so much that we offer sedation for all types of procedures, from a basic cleaning to more serious invasive treatments.

We use medication to help you relax and feel more comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, the patient is not completely unconscious under sedation, but rather in a relaxed and tranquil state. Only general anesthesia will make you completely unconscious.

Therefore, the degree of sedation can vary depending on the anxiety levels.

  • Oral Sedation – Usually in the form of a pill, which is taken an hour before the procedure begins, will make you drowsy but will block any pain and make you feel comfortable. This type of moderate sedation is the most common – it can be administered in larger doses and can even make you fall asleep during the procedure, however, it won’t be a deep sleep.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Commonly known as “laughing gas,” it can help you go through your treatment with no bother at all, helping you relax and feel comfortable while the dentist carries on the treatment. It is usually administered with a mask that will allow nitrous oxide to be inhaled in order to administer the sedative.
  • Local Anesthesia – This type of sedation will help completely block all nerves in the area to block the pain. It is usually administered by using a gel or injecting the sedative in the area that is being treated. This type of sedative is very effective just like the others – and will work great if you are looking for a faster way of sedation.

If you are interested in any of these sedation options for a better and more comfortable experience, call (707) 240-8099 or come visit our practice at 2845 Main St. #102, St. Helena CA, 94574. We would love to talk to you about our different forms of sedation dentistry and answer any questions you might have.

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