Pediatric Services

Here at St. Helena Dental Group we offer dental services for the whole family. We believe that it is crucial for kids to have a positive experience at the dentist in order for them to form good dental habits as well as take care of their dental health as they grow up. Our team at St. Helena has vast experience treating children and know how to make them feel welcome and at ease during their appointments. We provide several pediatric services to take care of your child’s dental needs:

First Visit

Dentists recommend that you take your child to his/her first dentist checkup after their first tooth comes out. This first visit will serve to create a relationship with the dentist and staff and let your kid get used to the setting of a dental office. During this visit, the dentist will provide helpful tips on how to keep good oral habits and conduct an examination of your child’s mouth, teeth, gums and jaws to begin tracking his/her dental development.

Kids Complete Checkups

It is recommended that adults and kids alike have a complete checkup twice a year in order to best maintain your dental health. These checkups are important because they can help your dentist detect any signs of dental issues that can be treated early and avoid greater damage. Dental X-rays and professional cleanings are usually performed during these checkups.


Dental sealants are clear plastic sheets that are placed on the surface of your teeth to protect them from decay and cavities. This barrier “seals” the crevices on your teeth from food residues or tartar and plaque buildup. It is fast and easy to apply the sealants and can be reapplied as needed.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is a varnish that is applied to the surface of your teeth to make the teeth’s enamel stronger and protect them from cavities and acids that hurt your teeth. Fluoride can be applied during your child’s checkups and reapplied when necessary.

Bring your child to St. Helena Dental Group to begin his/her dental health experience. Call us at (707) 240-8099 or visit us at 2845 Main St. #102, St. Helena, CA 94574 to make an appointment today! It is never too early to start caring for your teeth!

Our Happy Customers

"I usually dislike going to the dentist, but here at St. Helena Dental Group, the whole office made me feel so at ease. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. My hygienist is thorough and gentle with my cleanings!"


"My whole family has been going to St. Helena Dental Group for years. We will be coming back as usual. The team is great and they are very welcoming!"


"The doctor is wonderful! I had my wisdom tooth pulled and it was a painLESS experience. He and his staff are so friendly and considerate. Highly recommend them!"

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