Oral Surgery

This type of dental specialty mainly focuses on treating diseases, reconstructive surgeries, injuries and defects around the jaw, face and mouth. The most common oral surgery treatments here at St. Helena Dental Group are complicated teeth extractions for impacted teeth or teeth that need removing, including wisdom teeth.

Oral surgeons also offer treatment for correcting cleft palates, reconstructing noses, eye sockets, cheeks and jaws after trauma from an injury. This type of dentistry requires many years of study as well as rigorous training as it is very delicate and quite complicated in some cases.

Bone Grafting

This procedure is typically recommended when the dentist has deemed your jawbone to be too thin or not strong enough to be able to successfully hold dental implants. Bone grafting refers to the transplanting of bone tissue in order to strengthen the jaw and to have a better outcome of dental implant surgery. It might sound quite scary and painful; however, it is very common for dentists to recommend a bone graft after a consultation. It is a routine procedure that is painless, and it can be done at the dentist office.

TMJ Disorders

This type of surgery is also called "jaw surgery." TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and it is mostly required due to trauma or there has been a deformation of the jaw. Accidents can cause trauma to the jaw that that causes it to shift position creating a disproportionate appearance. This surgery can correct the jaw alignment, and also works to correct a bite and to prevent clenching and grinding of the teeth also known as bruxism. A maxillofacial surgeon will be the one taking care of these kinds of procedures, and they can be referred by your general dentist.

Tooth Extractions

You might need a tooth extraction if you have suffered an accident and you have fractured or fissured a tooth that can't be repaired by fillings or it can't be saved because it is too loose. Another reason why teeth might need to be pulled is if there is a lot of decay and the tooth can't be saved. The dentist will order some X-rays to examine you first and determine the health of your teeth and whether they can be saved without extracting, if they can’t then the X-rays will show which teeth need pulling out. Wisdom teeth are the most common extraction as sometimes they cause your other teeth to shift due to the lack of room for the complete eruption.

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