Oral Cancer Screening

Alone this year, about 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer. Out of those diagnoses around 10,000 will result in deaths. Out of all the other types of cancers that we often hear about, oral cancer is the one that causes the most deaths in the year. This is because once someone is diagnosed with oral cancer, it is already in its advanced stages and there is very little treatment that can significantly cut the risks of death.

Reality is that oral cancer treatment is most effective at its early stages; however, with oral cancer it is very hard to treat once it is already advanced. The best cure for this is prevention that is why here at St. Helena Dental Group, we encourage our patients to get checked at least once a year. Our dentists here at our practice recommend a thorough checkup at least twice a year and that is why we include the oral cancer screen with the checkup to have our patients checked at least twice.

Early detection can save your life, and if it is detected early it can be the difference between life and death. Our complete checkups will detect any abnormalities in the tissue once the dentist examines your teeth, mouth, cheeks, gum and throat. Our doctor will be able to detect abnormal tissue, lesions or abnormal lumps that might be a sign of oral cancer. Once the visual examination is done your dentist will check further using special dyes to spot any abnormalities. Depending on the results, if the dentist thinks it is necessary – he will recommend a biopsy to have a more accurate diagnosis.

Tobacco and family history can contribute to oral cancer; however, even though you don’t have a history of such or you are not a tobacco user, you can certainly still get it. If you notice any abnormal sores in your mouth, lesions or lumps – please let your dentist know immediately.

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