Mouth Guards

Many people suffer from headaches and jaw pain due to grinding their teeth at night. It is quite difficult to stop this habit as most of the time teeth grinding happens when you are asleep. Night guards can help in these situations, and avoid the constant wear and damage that grinding does to your teeth.

There are other uses for mouth guards; most contact sports require them to prevent sport-related accidents from happening and damaging your mouth and teeth. If you grind your teeth, or you or your children play contact sports, our dentists at St. Helena Dental Group will most likely recommend a mouth guard to help protect your teeth from further or future damage.

There are several types of mouth guards, but the most recommended by doctors are the ones that are done within the practice. Although there are a few models that are available in most sporting stores or pharmacies with different prices, those are a one size fits all and might be uncomfortable to wear.

Due to mouth guards being a protective device that is used for a long period of time, whether all night or during practice or training for contact sports, the mouth guard should fit nicely in your mouth rather than uncomfortably.

Custom-made mouth guards therefore are the best option, as they are designed and tailored to your exact measurements for a nice and comfortable fit. The guard is created using a mold of your mouth so that it is carefully created based on your own exact measurements. On the other hand, store-bought guards, will be less expensive but won’t fit as comfortably and could be quite bulky.

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