There are different reasons why teeth loss happens in a few people. Whether it is tooth decay, an accident, or poor oral hygiene, missing teeth can affect the functionality of your mouth and also can affect your confidence.

If you are missing a few or all your teeth, dentures might be the best solution for you! This restorative treatment will improve the look of your smile and also give you more comfort and confidence. Eating and talking can be very difficult when a few teeth are missing let alone most of them, however, giving back some of the ability to eat and speak with the use of dentures can really help improve your over health as well as hold the facial structure and improve your smile.

Here are St Helena Dental Group, our dentists can examine you and see if you qualify for this treatment. Dr. (name) will decide if a partial or full denture is recommended for you upon examining your mouth. Partial dentures help those patients that still have some teeth remaining, while full dentures are recommended for those patients that don’t have any of their natural teeth.

A mold of your gums and teeth will be taken and send to a lab in order to create a custom-made denture that will nicely and comfortably fit in your mouth, without being too obvious or any different than your other teeth.

Fixed Dentures

Denture stabilization services are also offered here at the practice; this means dentures that are fixed through the use of implants that are screwed into the jaw bone to allow for better stabilization without feeling like the denture might slip out. In contrary to normal dentures that use glue or stay put through suction, denture stabilization tends to be more comfortable.

Although it might take some getting used to, dentures are a great way to bring back functionality to your mouth as well as improve the overall look of your smile. As any other dental treatment, we recommend that great care is taken when looking after your dentures to keep them in good shape.

If you would like to know more about dentures or think you would greatly benefit from this treatment, calls us at (707) 240-8099 and we will gladly book you in for an appointment at our St. Helena office.

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