Dr. Daniel E. Eyer, D.D.S.

Graduating from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 1977, Dr. Eyer immediately became involved in post-graduate education related to full mouth restorations. One of his first mentors was Dr. Charles Stuart along with Dr. Robert Lee. After attending F.A.C.E. with Dr. Tom Basta, his interests evolved into the area of cosmetic dentistry. Receiving his accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 1995, Dr. Eyer went on to serve as an Examiner for the accreditation program for the next several years. Dr. Eyer practiced in a private practice in St. Helena Dental Group. Loving the outdoors, Dr. Eyer spends time cycling and participating in the multi-sport life style. Photography and woodworking are part of his relaxation. Dr. Eyer resides in Rutherford with his wife Gina, and their daughter.

Dr. Craig Wilson

Dr. Wilson has been practicing Periodontal Dentistry for over 25 years in Santa Rosa, California. He specializes in diseases of the gums and other structures surrounding the teeth, including the treatment of gum disease, implantology, tissue grafting, sinus lifts, cosmetic surgical treatment, bone grafting and oral conscious sedation.

Dr. Wilson becomes the first Periodontist to practice in the St. Helena, Calistoga and Yountville areas. Patients requiring periodontal treatment will no longer have to travel to Napa or Santa Rosa to receive treatment. Dr. Pauline Demetrakopulos, who was the guiding force in bringing Dr. Wilson to these local dental practices, said “with the addition of Dr. Wilson to our practices, we will not only be able to offer our patients the very best in dental care, we will also be able to serve virtually all of our patients’ needs from either of our 2 local offices making it unnecessary for them to travel great distances to get the treatment they require.” “Dr. Wilson also speaks fluent Spanish so we will be able to serve the needs of all our Spanish speaking patients”.

Dr. Wilson, is a 1983 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and a 1985 graduate of Baylor’s Periodontics program with a specialty certificate in Periodontics. He also received his M.S.D. degree in 1985 from Baylor University.